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[국제]Opening of G7 Summit…Corona 19 response and discussion on China

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The G7 head-to-head summit, the first of its kind in two years, opened in Carvis Bay, Cornwall, UK.

The leaders of the G7 member countries will discuss the response to the COVID-19 crisis and issues such as China over a three-day schedule.

The G7 summit, which will be held for the first time since the COVID-19 crisis, was attended by leaders of the European Union in addition to the G7 member states, and Korea, Australia, and South Africa were invited to the expanded session.

Member States attended a welcome dinner hosted by Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom on the first day of the opening day after discussing the topic of better rebuilding after COVID-19.

In the afternoon of today (12th), the second day of the conference, a discussion on economic recovery and foreign policy will be held, as well as an expanded session in which the invited countries participate.

In the closing joint statement, member countries are expected to include their positions on vaccine donations, establishment of a monitoring system to prevent new infectious diseases, climate change, and issues in China.

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