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[국제]Refugee boat capsized while crossing the English Channel… “At least 27 killed”

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At least 27 people have been killed when a rubber boat carrying refugees illegally crossing the English Channel to England capsized.

While the British and French governments are cracking down on the organization that arranged such a dangerous entry attempt, it seems that they are putting the blame for the accident on each other.

This is a report by Lee Dong-heon, a reporter.


People get on inflatable boats on the coast of northern France on the 24th local time.

[난민 : (지금 어디로 갑니까) 영국으로 갑니다.]

These are refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa to go to the UK.

You can also see young children with their parents.

Refugees wave their hands as the precarious boat departs far beyond the gardens.

It is known that 25 rubber boats departed for the UK that day.

Most of them reached the British coast, but a boat capsized en route, killing dozens.

It was the largest casualty of any accident that occurred in the English-British Strait.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson presided over an emergency security meeting and condemned the international agency that sent refugees on dangerous boats as an inhumane criminal group.

[보리스 존슨 / 영국 총리 : 모든 수단과 방법을 가리지 않고 인신 알선 범죄 조직을 박멸할 것입니다.]

The French government, which is conducting a maritime search operation, said it had arrested four people who were directly involved in the accident.

Prime Minister Jones and French President Macron have agreed to work together to prevent refugees from crossing the English-French Strait at risk, but they seem to be holding back each other’s responsibilities when it comes to fundamental measures.

Britain urged France to strengthen coast guards to prevent refugees from taking risks, and France responded that Britain was using the refugee issue in domestic politics in the name of ‘Brexit’.

The number of refugee accidents in the Anglo-French Strait has increased every year since ‘Brexit’, when the UK left the EU, and 4 people died or went missing in 2019 and 9 people in 2020.

This is YTN Lee Dong-heon.

YTN Lee Dong-heon ([email protected])

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