[국제]South Africa “Omicron epidemic is on the decline… the death toll is not increasing”

The South African government has announced that the prevalence of Omicron has begun to decline in South Africa, where it first exploded around the world.

The South African government said in a statement that Omicron had peaked in four weeks without causing many deaths and then declined sharply in two weeks, stating that it was a ‘sudden flood’ rather than a pandemic.

The South African government explained that the death toll during the Omicron epidemic did not rise significantly and fell to insignificant levels last week.

The number of daily confirmed cases in South Africa was about 2,000 at the end of last month, before Omicron spread, and then increased to about 27,000 in the middle of this month, but in the past week, it has plummeted to an average of about 11,000.

As a result, South Africa lifted the curfew, which was in effect from midnight to 4 a.m.

YTN Ho Jun-seok ([email protected])

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