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[국제]”Strategic retreat”…Biden cuts budget in half

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President Joe Biden’s ambitious 4,000 trillion won budget for strengthening the social safety net was cut in half, urging Congress to expedite its action.

It seems to have retreated as the approval ratings fell due to the opposition from the opposition as well as opposition from within the ruling party, and the Afghan crisis etc.

Correspondent Kang Tae-wook in Washington DC.


President Biden saw the urgent need to invest in people in order to continue the world’s No. 1 United States.

Strengthening the social safety net, such as free education and expansion of medical services, can guarantee future competitiveness.

Upon inauguration, as a key policy task, we prepared a budget of about KRW 3.5 trillion, or KRW 4,000 trillion, in our own money.

He emphasized that if the budget is implemented, millions of jobs will be created and it will be a stepping stone to overcoming COVID-19.

[조 바이든 / 미국 대통령 : 그것은 수백만 개 일자리를 창출하고, 경제를 성장시키고, 우리나라와 국민에 투자하고, 기후변화 위기를 기회로 만들고, 중국과 세계 주요 나라와 21세기 경제적 경쟁에서 경쟁뿐만 아니라 승리를 열어줄 길로 안내할 틀입니다.]

However, it was blocked by opposition from the opposition party on the grounds of funding and fiscal deficit.

Even within the ruling party, there was opposition, so the independent treatment failed.

The decline in approval ratings due to the withdrawal of Afghan troops and the spread of delta mutations also contributed to the weakening.

In the end, it is a policy that puts the life and death of the regime in place, but I took a step back and proposed an amendment that cut it in half.

[조 바이든 / 미국 대통령 : 우리는 이것의 처리를 위해 몇 달 동안 수많은 시간을 쏟아 부었습니다. 나를 포함해 원하는 모든 것을 얻은 사람은 아무도 없었습니다. 그것이 타협입니다. 그것이 합의이고 내가 하고자 하는 것입니다.”]

President Biden met with Democrats just before his European tour, and even gave a speech to the public.

As much emphasis is placed on it, attention is being paid to whether the newly proposed amendments will be handled.

This is Taewook Kang from YTN from Washington.

YTN Kang Tae-wook ([email protected])

[저작권자(c) YTN & YTN plus 무단전재 및 재배포 금지]


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