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[국제]Taliban ban shaving for Afghan barbers

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The Taliban, which has regained control of Afghanistan, has once again shown its hardline nature by issuing a shaving ban on barbers.

The Taliban recently ordered barbers in the southern Afghan province of Helmand not to engage in such business practices, saying that it is against Islamic law to shave or trim beards.

The Taliban threaten punishment for breaking the ban, and a notice posted at the salon says “no one has the right to complain,” the BBC reported.

Some barbers in the capital Kabul also said they had received similar orders.

A barber in Kabul said, “Taliban agents kept coming and urging me to stop shaving.

Barbers complained that the Taliban’s shaving ban made it difficult for them to make a living.

A barber in western Herat was not ordered to do so, but said it had stopped shaving and said, “Customers no longer shave their beards because they don’t want to be targeted by the Taliban on the streets.”

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