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[국제]’The last born in the 19th century’… 124-year-old Filipino grandmother dies

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The last known surviving woman born in the 19th century has died at the age of 124.

On the 22nd, Francisco Suzano, nicknamed ‘Laura’, died at her home in Cavancalan, Sannegros, Philippines. The cause of death has not yet been determined, and local media reported that there were no symptoms of COVID-19.

Family members claim that Laura was born on September 11, 1897. At that time, the Philippines was under Spanish rule, and England was ruled by Queen Victoria. Guinness World Records has been checking the record since last September to register Laura as the world’s oldest person.

Filipino politician Rodolfo O’Danes also filed a petition on Laura’s last birthday, demanding that she be awarded £15,000 in honor of her monumental achievement as the oldest person in the world.

The city of Cavancalan, where Laura lived, said in a statement: “We are deeply saddened to hear that our beloved Laura Francisco Suzano has passed away.”

In July, it was alleged that Natabai Tinxie of Eritrea, Africa, died at the age of 127. “He was born and baptized in the village of Azepa in 1894,” Tincier’s grandson Jeré told the BBC. The oldest living person in the world confirmed by the Guinness World Records is 118-year-old Japanese woman Kane Tanaka.

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