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[국제]The lukewarm Japanese government’s countermeasures… Concerns about’lack of work’ to catch the third outbreak

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Although the third corona19 epidemic is spreading in Japan, there is no such thing as a government-level countermeasure.

Rather, the government’s response has been more relaxed than last spring or summer, raising concerns about whether it can prevent the rapid spread of infection.

Correspondent Lee Kyung-ah reports from Tokyo.


[아베 신조 / 전 일본 총리 (지난 4월 7일) : 관련법에 의거해 코로나19 긴급사태를 선언합니다.]

The day the Japanese government declared an emergency for the first time in history, the number of new confirmed cases nationwide was less than 400.

The cumulative number of infected people was 4,500.

In accordance with the declaration of an emergency, there were requests to refrain from moving between regions, closure of commercial facilities, and schools.

Recently, the number of confirmed cases in Japan per day is around 2,000, which is about five times that of the time, and the cumulative number of patients is heading toward 150,000.

[가토 가츠노부 / 일본 관방장관 : (도쿄에서) 400명 넘는 신규 감염자가 발생한 날이 일주일을 넘어서는 등 최대한의 경계를 필요로 하는 상황이 이어지고 있다고 인식하고 있습니다.]

The situation is serious, but no countermeasures are available.

Only the controversial travel and dining out support campaigns were temporarily suspended at the request of some municipalities.

Tokyo and Osaka requested restaurants to shorten their operations for three weeks, but the effect is unknown due to the lack of force.

Some areas in Tokyo have even been analyzed that the number of people has increased, such as those who want to enjoy the night view on the first night of the shortened business.

Prime Minister Suga emphasized public cooperation, saying that the next three weeks are very important.

[스가 요시히데 / 일본 총리 : 국민 여러분께 마스크 착용과 손 씻기, 밀집 피하기 등 기본적인 감염 방지 대책에 꼭 협력해 줄 것을 부탁드립니다.]

Medical experts have repeatedly pointed out that the current infection situation has exceeded the level of personal effort.

It is noteworthy how the Suga Cabinet, which has been circumventing strong measures to save the economy, will respond to this.

This is Kyungah Lee from YTN in Tokyo.

[저작권자(c) YTN & YTN plus 무단전재 및 재배포 금지]


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