[국제]”The only thing I can believe in is vaccines”… ‘Vaccination is mandatory’ one after another


Austria is the first in Europe to make the COVID-19 vaccine compulsory for all adults.

As the perception that ‘there is no alternative but a vaccine’ to combat Omicron mutations is growing, more and more countries are introducing or promoting compulsory vaccination.

Reporter Kim Hyung-geun on the sidewalk.


Austria has announced that it will make vaccination against COVID-19 compulsory from next month.

All adults 18 years of age and older are eligible.

[카를 네함머 / 오스트리아 총리 : 계획한 대로 백신 접종 의무화를 시행할 겁니다. 2월 초부터 시행될 것입니다.]

Failure to do so will result in a fine of up to KRW 5 million in Korean money.

However, it does not apply to pregnant women and cases recognized as medically difficult to vaccinate.

Austria is the first in Europe to introduce mandatory vaccination for all adults.

Germany is also pushing for compulsory vaccination.

The German parliament is expected to start discussing the compulsory bill later this month.

Opinion polls also support a majority in favor of compulsory vaccination.

[카를 라우터바흐 / 독일 보건부 장관 : 저는 18세부터 의무적으로 접종하는 것에 찬성합니다. 그렇게 하지 않으면 원치 않는 상황이 또 닥칠 거라고 생각합니다.]

A growing number of countries are making vaccination mandatory for the most vulnerable, but not all adults.

Italy has introduced a mandatory vaccination system for people over 50 and Greece for people over 60.

Outside Europe, Ecuador, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Indonesia have introduced mandatory vaccines.

However, opposition to such a coercive policy is not formidable.

Protests are continuing all over the place.

[오카포 / 독일 백신 의무화 반대 시위자 : 백신을 맞고 싶은 사람은 당연히 맞아야 합니다. 하지만 원하지 않는 사람도 있다는 것을 받아들여야 합니다.]

Over the weekend, major European countries, including Germany, France, Italy and Spain, struggled with protests against vaccination and regulatory measures.

This is YTN Kim Hyung-geun.

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