[국제]U.S. Congress confirms President Biden’s election

US Congressional Senate and House Joint Meeting Confirms President Biden’s Election
Electors 306:232… Biden Victory Certification As Known
Appeals in Arizona and Pennsylvania, Senate and House Vote


The US Congress has officially confirmed Joe Biden’s presidential election.

The US Congress validated the election results by counting electors by state, and did not accept objections from the two competing states.

In the process, protesters in support of President Trump broke into the Capitol, killing at least four people.

Reporter Kim Tae-hyun’s report.


The US Congress has held a joint meeting of the House of Representatives, confirming the victory of President-elect Biden.

It went through twists and turns, but there was no surprise.

306 vs. 232. Biden’s election results were already known.

[마이크 펜스 / 미국 부통령 (상원의장) : 델라웨어 주의 조 바이든은 306표를 얻었고 플로리다 주의 도널드 트럼프는 232표를 얻었습니다.]

Two key contenders, Arizona and Pennsylvania, were contested, each leading to a Senate and House vote.

However, all were rejected due to a large margin, and the previous results were accepted.

[마이크 펜스 / 미국 부통령 (상원의장) : 본 상원의장이 발표한 개표 결과는 미국 대통령과 부통령 당선인에 대한 충분한 선언입니다. 두 사람의 임기는 2021년 1월 20일 시작됩니다.]

The meeting, which started at 1 p.m. the previous day, was halted by protesters supporting President Trump invading the Capitol.

Protesters occupied the front of the Parliament Building, climbed the terrace, entered inside and even broke the windows of the conference hall.

There were also deaths in the process of intrusion and response to the Capitol.

At least four people died, including a woman shot in the chest and three in an emergency.

Washington Mayor, who issued a curfew, declared a state of emergency until the 21st, the day after the inauguration ceremony.

Immediately after Biden’s election, President Trump said, “I oppose the election results, but there will be an orderly transfer of power on the 20th.”

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