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[국제]U.S. FDA begins review of Merck’s corona treatment oral treatment… Promotes ‘pre-purchase’ in each country

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As the U.S. Food and Drug Administration begins reviewing the emergency use of pharmaceutical company Merck’s oral COVID-19 treatment, interest is being drawn whether it will be a milestone in the pandemic.

The U.S. has already signed contracts for 1.7 million people, and the Korean government and other countries have entered into pre-purchase negotiations.

Reporter Jo Soo-hyun reports.


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has begun an emergency use approval review for Merck’s COVID-19 treatment ‘molnupiravir’.

Approval is decided through the recommendation of an external advisory group, and a meeting of the advisory group for this purpose has been scheduled for the 30th of next month.

It is a place to evaluate the efficacy and safety of therapeutic agents based on clinical data submitted by Merck.

If approved by the FDA, it will be the first oral COVID-19 treatment.

It can be conveniently taken at home, reducing the burden on hospitals, and it is expected to help calm the pandemic in poor countries with poor medical conditions.

[크리스찬 린드마이어 / 세계보건기구 대변인 : 전체적인 (임상) 데이터를 봐야겠지만, 정보가 맞으면 코로나19 팬데믹과의 싸움에서 무기가 될 것입니다.]

Competition for ‘pre-purchase’ in each country has already begun.

The US has signed a pre-purchase contract for 1.7 million people, and Singapore, Australia and Malaysia are also in negotiations with Merck.

The Korean government recently announced that it is negotiating with pharmaceutical companies such as Merck, Pfizer, and Roche to purchase oral treatments, and that it has secured a total of 20,000 people.

However, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) said, “The consultation process is in principle confidential, and the details will be disclosed at a certain time, such as when the contract is completed.”

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Merck plans to produce 10 million servings by the end of this year and is busy working with regulatory agencies around the world for emergency use and marketing approvals.

This is Jo Soo-hyun from YTN.

YTN Jo Soo-hyun ([email protected])

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