[국제]Ukrainian capital Kyiv hit by another missile

Russian rockets attack a residential area near Kiiu
Russian missile hit flat … “5 dead, 60 injured”
One after the other, refugees from Soledar, the biggest battlefield

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Russia launched another missile attack on major cities in Ukraine, including Kyiv and Dnipro.

As air raid warnings sounded from early dawn, human casualties continued and infrastructure was destroyed.

This is Reporter Lee Sang-soon on the sidewalk.


Kopiriu village near Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

A huge pool was created near the private house.

The remains of Russian rockets are scattered around the pool.

[올레 / 코피리우 주민 : 새벽 6시에 그랬습니다. 평소처럼 자고 있었는데 폭발음을 들었습니다. 유리창이 깨져서 나와 보니 이 구덩이가 생겼습니다.]

There were no casualties, but this was the first time since the 1st that Kiiu had been exposed to Russian air attacks.

At the same time, a Russian missile hit an apartment building in Dnipro, Ukraine’s fourth largest city.

The explosion was so powerful that the apartment building was torn in two.

Rescue work began immediately after the airstrike, but the number of casualties is expected to snowball, as it appears that residents who slept at dawn may have been buried under the rubble of buildings.

In Soledar, where Russia and Ukraine are fighting fiercely, refugees pour in one after another in the new year.

[류드밀라 / 솔레다르 피난민 : (솔레다르는) 폐허가 됐습니다. 모든 게 공습으로 사라졌어요. 아무것도 안 남았어요.]

The head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, which founded the Soledar refugee camp, passed the blame on to Ukraine.

[데니스 푸실린 / 도네츠크인민공화국 수반 : 불행히도 우크라이나는 솔레다르를 영토로 생각하지 않는 것 같습니다. 그래서 사람들을 죽이고 기반시설을 파괴하는 거에요. 특히 우크라이나군이 퇴각할 때 그렇습니다.]

While the number of casualties continues to rise due to Russia’s indiscriminate attacks, the strange war that continues to run on the subway shows no signs of changing even in the new year.

This is YTN Lee Sang-soon.

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