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[국제]US Exploration Rover’click’ 2m before landing on Mars…

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A color photo of the American exploration rover’Personality’ just before landing on Mars has been released.

Perseverance sent a color photo of the landing to Mars and the surrounding landscape to NASA.

The first picture released by’NASA’ was taken 2 meters before the exploration rover safely passed the ‘7 minutes of horror’ and settled on Mars.

The photo also captures dust rising from Mars grounds from a reverse rocket engine that slows down the rover’s descent.

‘Screw’ is a picture of the footprints left by Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the moon, a picture of Saturn taken by Voyager 1, a picture of the Eagle Nebula by the Hubble Telescope called’Pillar of Creation’, and a picture of the descent of the Mars rover. It was evaluated as a symbolic scene showing the history of exploration.

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