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[국제]Xi Jinping “I want to try to solve the problem of the US and the world environment”

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Chinese President Xi Jinping said he wants to cooperate with the United States to cope with environmental issues such as climate change, which is a common problem for humanity even in the midst of the New Cold War.

President Xi said in a speech at the climate summit presided over by US President Joe Biden on the 22nd local time, “I look forward to working with the international community, including the United States, to resolve global environmental problems.”

President Xi emphasized the commitment to action by revisiting China’s long-term goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 and passing the peak of carbon emissions by 2060.

“The period between China’s promised carbon emission peak and carbon neutrality is much shorter than in developed countries,” he said.

President Xi also stressed that the United States and other advanced countries are highly responsible for reducing carbon emissions.

While advanced countries such as the United States have further emphasized China’s obligation to reduce carbon emissions based on the fact that China is the world’s largest carbon emitter at the present time, China has historically reduced the carbon of advanced countries as advanced countries have released the most carbon in the process of industrialization. The logic of having a greater duty has been developed.

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