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[국제]Xi Jinping, summit with ASEAN tomorrow… Pressure diplomacy against Southeast Asia

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In response to the United States’ strengthening alliance rallies to contain China, China will launch an attack on Southeast Asia through the ASEAN summit tomorrow.

In the midst of this, the repercussions of the Chinese tennis star Feng Shunyi are growing out of control.

We will connect with reporters to find out more details. Reporter Kim Seon-hee!


Yes, this is the International Department.


China has started attacking Southeast Asia, the front yard, to break through the U.S. check?


That’s right. Chinese President Xi Jinping will hold a video summit tomorrow to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of China-ASEAN relations.

At this meeting, Xi is expected to work hard to get Southeast Asian countries to distance themselves from the US diplomacy that is besieging China.

US President Biden made it clear a few days ago that he was considering a ‘diplomatic boycott’ of not sending a government delegation to the Beijing Winter Olympics, saying he would encircle China.

The United States is also focusing on creating new economic frameworks with allies and allies in the Indo-Pacific region.

In this situation, President Xi emphasizes ‘respect for sovereignty’ and ‘non-interference in internal affairs’ against the US, and is expected to send a message to the effect that he should not join the US-centered pressure group on China.

In addition, attention is being paid to whether or not to send a message to the heads of Southeast Asian countries to attend the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympic Games in response to the US review of a ‘diplomatic boycott’.

There are speculations that President Xi will induce Southeast Asian leaders to participate by providing support for COVID-19 vaccines and support for the Belt and Road Infrastructure.


The repercussions of the Chinese tennis star Feng Shunyi case are spreading all over the place? Are you worried about China ahead of the Olympics?


Yes, this case started with Peng’s SNS exposure of coercive sex with Zhang Gaori, the former deputy prime minister of China’s supreme leadership.

While Peng’s whereabouts and safety are still unknown, world-class tennis players, the United Nations Human Rights Organization, and even the US government have come forward and raised the issue.

World-class tennis stars such as Djokovic and Osaka Naomi have expressed their position one after another to urge Peng’s safety.

Even the United Nations Human Rights Office and the White House of the United States have come forward to express their concerns, and it is an atmosphere that escalates into a major issue that touches China’s human rights issue, secrecy, and media control.

While the United States and some Western countries are considering a ‘diplomatic boycott’ of the Beijing Olympics, there is also an analysis that if they turn their backs on the sports world, a warning light may come on for the successful hosting of the Olympics.

So far, the Chinese government has been consistent with a strategy of ignoring, ignoring any questions asked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs briefing, ignoring the situation and responding that it has nothing to do with diplomacy.

In the end, the suspicion and wave are not expected to subside unless Peng Shun-yi personally confirms his safety through training.

In the midst of this, videos and photos claiming to be Peng are appearing one after another.

So far, this is YTN Kim Seon-hee from the International Department.

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