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[굿모닝 증시]”European stocks rebounded all at once amid the US stock market closure… The Korean stock market is also positive”

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[아시아경제 박지환 기자] The New York Stock Exchange was closed for Thanksgiving. European stocks, which opened normally on the day, closed higher all at once.

The Euro Stoxx50 index, a pan-European index, closed at 4293.24 on the 25th (local time), up 0.40% from the previous day. The London Stock Exchange’s FTSE 100 index rose 0.33% to close at 7310.37. Germany’s Frankfurt Stock Exchange’s DAX30 index rose 0.25% to 15,917.98, and the Paris Stock Exchange’s CAC40 index rose 0.48% to close at 7075.87.

In the meantime, it is interpreted as the result of an influx of low-priced buying as the European stock market fell for the sixth day in a row due to mandatory masks in the aftermath of the spread of Corona 19 and restrictions on economic activities for those not vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Analysts say that the fact that European stock markets closed higher overnight is positive for the domestic stock market. In particular, considering that most of the stocks that rose in the European stock market were defensive stocks, the domestic stock market also included electricity, water, gas, etc. There is advice that it is necessary to pay attention to utility-related stocks.

Seo Sang-young, researcher at Mirae Asset Securities=While the US stock market was closed, it is positive that the European stock market rose on the backlash. In particular, despite the explosive increase in the spread of the corona virus, the automobile industry was sluggish, but some related stocks such as aviation rebounded. The Korean stock market also deserves attention.

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In addition, the European Central Bank (ECB) announced in its monetary policy minutes that high inflation will be prolonged than expected. However, it is also favorable to mention that the timing of an interest rate hike will not be early, saying that the conditions for an interest rate hike will not be met next year. Considering this, the Korean stock market is expected to start at a flat level, but a rebound is expected due to high expectations for an influx of backlash buying.

Kim Se-heon, researcher at Kiwoom Securities=The Korean stock market is expected to move in a strong consolidation zone by digesting the previous day’s MPC event and exploring the next major material.

Foreigners’ continuous net buying of large-cap stocks this week showed a weakening trend after the MPC event, but the European stock market’s rebound and a weak dollar index while the US stock market was closed are expected to be relatively favorable to the supply and demand conditions of foreigners in the Korean stock market today. do.

Additionally, while waiting for the US stock market to open this evening, expectations for consumption demand improvement for Black Friday and the year-end shopping season are likely to flow in. According to the American Retail Association, offline shopping is also expected to recover during the US holiday shopping season this year compared to last year. As sales growth is also expected to increase by 8.5 to 10.5%, which is higher than the historical average (3% level), the related news flow is expected to be positive for the stock market during the shopping season.

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By Park Ji-hwan, staff reporter [email protected]


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