[글로벌-스포츠 24] Marine against Tottenham FA Cup, Division 8 “Thanks Everton and Liverpool for providing the training ground for a dream showdown”

The photo shows Marine FC employees installing welcome signs ahead of the home game against Tottenham in the 3rd round of the FA Cup, which will be held on the 11th in Korea time.

Marine FC, a team in the 8th division, who will face Tottenham in the third leg of the FA Cup on the 11th Korea time, thanked Everton and Liverpool.

According to the ESPN Internet version, Marine is an amateur club that is active near two clubs, and athletes are playing with a variety of tasks such as garbage collection, car factory work, and teachers. I wasn’t getting ready.

However, after Everton provided the training ground on the 7th local time, it is said that on the 9th, it will be trained at a facility in Liverpool. Marin’s coach said, “We are very happy that both clubs have reached out for us. We are set to play one of England’s top teams and the biggest match in club history. Still, there was no place to train, so I struggled. Without their help, I would have had to watch the tactical board and video.”

Marin said, “In the third round of the FA Cup (other than 11 players a week), 9 reserve players were recognized, but it seems that there are fewer than 9 players. “That’s our reality,” he said with a bitter smile. “We face off with a great team led by one of the best coaches ever. “It’s like a dream to us,” he said, hoping for a confrontation with Tottenham, led by Mourinho.

Kyungsoo Kim, Editor-in-Chief of Global Economics



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