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[기상센터][날씨] Like a seasonal ‘novel’, snow and rain everywhere… The temperature ‘tumbles’ from the afternoon

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Today is ‘Novel’, a season in which the first snow falls.

Like the season, there is rain and snow all over the country, and the cold of early winter will come along with it.

The current temperature in Seoul is 4.5 degrees, higher than usual, but the cold wind brought the temperature down to 1 degree.

In particular, cold air will flow in from the afternoon, and Seoul will stay at 6 degrees during the day.

Tomorrow morning, the coldest weather of the fall will come, with temperatures dropping to -3 degrees below zero.

From today onwards, please bring a winter coat and pay attention to keeping warm.

Currently, it is raining or snowing scattered across the country.

Most of this rain or snow will stop during the day, but rain clouds will come in again overnight.

In particular, there is a possibility that a ‘heavy snow warning’ may be issued tomorrow with up to 10 cm of snow in eastern Jeollabuk-do and 5 cm in southern Gyeonggi and northern Chungcheong.

A cold wind blew this morning and the air became very chilly.

Currently, the temperature in Seoul is 4.5 degrees and Daejeon is 6.5 degrees.

The daytime temperature will be 6 degrees in Seoul, 9 degrees in Gwangju, and 10 degrees in Daegu, 3 to 8 degrees lower than yesterday.

Rain will continue through Thursday, mainly in the west,

Sub-zero temperatures are expected to continue for another week.
It rained overnight and strong winds blew, improving air quality across the country.

However, as yellow dust gradually flows in, the air quality across the country will temporarily show a ‘bad’ level, starting with Seoul and other metropolitan areas.

Please take good care of your respiratory system.

Until now, this is YTN Hong Na-sil.

YTN Nasil Hong ([email protected])

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