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[기상센터][날씨] Seoul -4℃ tomorrow in the cold… Heavy snow in the west inland

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Novel The weather is getting colder as the cold approaches.

Tomorrow, the morning temperature in Seoul will drop to minus 4 degrees Celsius, and in the west inland, there is a lot of snow on the way to work, so there are concerns about icy roads.

Reporter Jeong Hye-yoon reports.


The fine dust that had been thickly covered was lifted and the blue sky was revealed.

All the dust was blown away by the strong wind.

But instead of breathing easier, the cold came this time.

Cold air below minus 30 degrees Celsius descends from the northwest sky, and the temperature is dropping.

During the night, the temperature will most likely drop below freezing, making it the coldest this fall.

The morning temperature in Paju, Daegwallyeong, and Cheorwon will plummet to close to minus 10 degrees Celsius while a cold wave advisory has been issued for the inland areas of Yeongnam such as Busan and Ulsan and the east coast of Gangwon.

Seoul will be -4 degrees below zero and Busan will have the lowest temperature this fall.

Along with the cold, a lot of snow was predicted in the western inland.

In particular, a heavy snow warning was issued for southern Gyeonggi-do, Chungcheong, Jeonbuk and Jeju.

It has been snowing since dawn, and there are concerns about traffic disruption on the way to work and icy roads.

[한상은 / 기상청 기상전문관 : 계속해서 찬 공기가 서해상으로 유입되면서 눈 구름대를 강하게 발달하면서 우리나라로 유입될 것으로 예상됩니다. 특히 새벽에 눈이 집중되기 때문에 교통안전에 각별히 유의하시고 보행자 도보 안전에도 유의해주시기 바랍니다.]

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The Korea Meteorological Administration said that it will snow up to 10 cm in the interior of Jeollabuk-do and 5 cm in Chungcheong and southern Gyeonggi Province, and urged people to prepare for road slip accidents and damage to facilities.

This is YTN Jeong Hye-yoon.

YTN Jeong Hye-yoon ([email protected])

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