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[기상센터][날씨] Today’s strong cold ride… snow everywhere from evening

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A cold weather warning has been issued in parts of the central and southern regions, and today the strong cold in the middle of winter is expected to rise.

From the evening, it will snow in the southern part of Chungcheong Province.

We will connect to the weather center and find out more. Shin Mirim Caster!

Yesterday was as cozy as spring, but today was a sparkling cold wave?


Cold air came from the northwest, and this morning the strong cold came again.

A cold wave warning was issued in the Midwest, including Seoul, and Jeollabuk-do, and some inland areas of Gyeongbuk. The current temperature in Seoul is -5.3 degrees Celsius and Daegwallyeong-7.7 degrees Celsius below yesterday, and it is very cold.

Even in the middle of the day, the temperature in Seoul will remain below -3 degrees Celsius, and the temperature perceived in South Chungcheong will remain below -zero.

Until this afternoon, the air will be clean in a generally clear atmosphere.

However, the sky will be cloudy from the evening, and 1-3cm of snow will fall between the nights in southern Gyeonggi, Chungnam, and Jeonbuk.

There are other places where snow falls sporadically in the south of Chungcheong.

This cold is expected to ease from tomorrow, the season of’Ipchun’, and snow and rain will fall all over again between tomorrow evening and early Thursday on Thursday.

It was weather information so far.

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