[기자수첩]’Produce manipulation situation’ should stop witch hunting

[이데일리 스타in 윤기백 기자] The aftermath of the manipulation of the Mnet trainee contest program’Produce’ series is inconvenient. The court unveiled the list of trainees who suffered anomalies and called for responsible compensation, but it also counteracted the speculation and slander toward the trainees who are believed to have benefited.

‘Produce 101’ poster

The Seoul High Court Criminal Section 1 sentenced PD Ahn Joon-young and CP Kim Yong-beom, who were sentenced to prison sentences in the first trial for manipulating the’Produce’ series on the 18th, to two years and one year and eight months respectively, the same as the lower court. The judge pointed out that “the result of the audition program, where everyone could be a winner, unfortunately, everyone became losers,” and pointed out that the person who suffered the most damage was a trainee who was unjustly eliminated due to ranking manipulation.

Twelve trainees for manipulation damage disclosed by the court were Kim Soo-hyun and Seo Hye-rin in Season 1, Kang Dong-ho and Sung Hyun-woo in Season 2, Lee Ga-eun and Han Cho-won in Season 3, and Anjardi Timothy, Kim Kook-heon, Lee Jin-woo, Koo Jeong-mo, Lee Jin-hyuk, and Geum Dong-hyun in Season 4. to be. Among them, the trainees who were eliminated even though they were able to debut were identified as Lee Ga-eun, Han Cho-won, Koo Jeong-mo, Lee Jin-hyuk, and Geum Dong-hyun.

The judge said the reason for the disclosure of the real name, saying, “Indemnity compensation is possible only when the accused finds out who the trainee who was eliminated through ranking manipulation is known.” Mnet also promised, “We will do our best to ensure that the damage compensation is completed, taking responsibility for the victim trainees disclosed through the trial.”

However, another victim is occurring as some netizens pour out speculation about the trainees who benefited from manipulation. Among them, the group IZone, which is about to comeback in December, is hitting a direct hit. As it became known that Lee Ga-eun and Han Cho-won were able to debut as IZone, criticism of the trainees who debuted instead and demands for dismantling the team are rising.

One thing not to forget is that’all trainees are victims’. It is true that the manipulations have mixed up the odds, but what should be criticized is the production crew, the subject of manipulation. Stop the witch hunt and pay attention to the quick rewards for the victims.



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