[김한준 기자의 e게임] Black Clover Mobile, an anime-like game

Mobile RPG Black Clover Mobile, released by Big Game Studio, is a game based on the Japanese boy Manga and anime Black Clover, as the name suggests.

The attempt to introduce the collectible RPG system to the original characters and worldview has fully settled in the mobile game market, and this game also shares the same track with other IPs released in the past in that regard.

The key is to implement the appearance, movement, voice and skill direction of each character at the animation level, and through this, convey the fun of watching animations to users on a smartphone and stimulate the desire to collect characters.

In that regard, Black Clover Mobile has outstanding perfection. Directing with voice dubbing and 3D graphics conveys the feeling of watching animation. In particular, it fully satisfies the viewing taste, which is an advantage that collectible RPGs must have, such as event videos and combat skill generation.

It is also worth noting that efforts were made to realize the original work. It’s worth noting that the game focuses on even the smallest aspects that fans of the original would be happy with, such as forcing the game to be played with the same party composition as the original during the story .

In particular, it is also satisfying that the camera perspective and the skill connection are drawn naturally so that the passing phase, which is activated by a certain character combination, makes you think that the development team has put a lot of effort into it. However, if you watch the same scene over and over again, as most of these games do, you will inevitably find it boring in rather than enjoyable.

The visual direction of the battle is very satisfying, but the auditory pleasure is not up to the same level. You can only hear the ghost of the character and the sound of hitting and being hit, so if you’re expecting action game-style directing, you might be disappointed.

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Another advantage is that you can acquire enough goods by playing in the game to grow your character. Users who want to get the character they want or those who want to grow quickly have to pay, but it offers enough possibilities for those who want to enjoy the game without the burden of charging charge.

Black Clover Mobile is not a mass-produced IP application that relies entirely on the popularity of the original work. Honestly speaking, it is also true that Black Clover in the domestic market is an IP worthy of attracting many people’s attention just for its IP name value, on the level of One Piece and Naruto.


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