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[까다로운 리뷰] The first middle-aged shutdown in history! Dia 2 Resurrection

by news dir

Hi friends. I’m Lee Jong-cheol and Sam in high school. Hello.

Today, I prepared the appearance of playing Diabble 2 at UCC! I look forward to it~

Hey, why is the picture quality so bad? Why are you so good?

what? What is an Elementalist? what’s a barbarian? Where’s the saucer?

(KakaoTalk) Is this MSN? Doesn’t this go into logout state?

Oh, I roll and twist! KIN!

Mistress OTL… it’s fucking weird

Hello. Lee Jong-cheol’s tricky review. Today, I experienced Diablo 2 Resurrection, which came back after 20 years.

Did you guys like Dia 2? I did Dia for free every night because my friend worked part-time in a PC room at night. Caught Mephisto 20,000 times. Originally, he was a great devil in various myths, but for Dia 2 users, it was just a vending machine.

The biggest change in Dia 2 Resurrection is the graphics. When I first access the screen, I want to know what has changed. When you press the G button, you wonder how you played games with this quality in the past. Resolutions up to 4K and consoles up to 8K are supported. As it was released for PS, Xbox, and Switch, the controller is also supported on PC. Instead, it is a pity that the client for Mac, which was supported in the past, is missing.

The frame rate shows up to 60+ frames per second, but this is for illustrative purposes only and is actually going back to 25 frames like the classic version. So when you get hit, you get hit at 25 frames, so it’s hard to run away.

In addition, physics-based rendering and dynamic lighting, which are only used in animation and high-end games, have been added. It means that light moves as if it were real. So these things are possible. Can you see the character reflected on the floor? It is not visible in classic mode.

So did the game become more fun? If you do, it’s just the same (with no expression). Instead, there are a few changes in the game as it was constantly patched even when people didn’t play Dia 2 very much. First of all, in the past, unique items were the best. Shaco, if I didn’t have school uniforms, I wouldn’t be treated like a person. My friends said I wasn’t humble. But now, there are various rune words that can be substituted for those items. However, since this rune is difficult to obtain, the difficulty of obtaining the item is the same. In the case of the more expensive Jarune, they ask for 200,000 won in cash.

And the warehouse is huge. Basic 100 spaces and shared storage up to 300 spaces are provided. Shared warehouse refers to sharing between the same accounts. Moving items has become easier when raising multiple characters. It’s clear that there is an Assa within Blizzard.

In addition, the stat window has been slightly changed. Most importantly, now, if you collect items, you can reset your skills indefinitely. When you catch a boss mob, you get an Essence. If you collect them all and spin them on a cube, you will be born as a completely new character. I only thought about 20 years ago and raised a firewall saucer. These days, Cherassosor and Chain Lightning (Chain Lightning) Invokers are making tokens of indulgence without having to raise them because they are the best. Oh, and the cow room opens even if you catch the cow king.

The game hasn’t really changed that much. So I’m more than happy with it. Having played Dia 2 again, I can see why Dia 2 is more fun than Dia 3. Dia 2 kids play taguri. It was fun because of this feeling of being chased. It’s scary.

And the thing that hasn’t changed the most is server management. No, these Blizzards have been servicing Dia for several years, but they do server management occasionally. Most of the people who play this game now do housework, parenting, cleaning, washing dishes, and sitting in front of the computer until 10 o’clock when the kids go to bed. Can’t connect. And it rolls back. If you buy this game, you can feel great sadness every ten o’clock at night. I’m afraid it’s scarier than Baal. So now the Diablo forum is like this. It’s almost inferno.

Anyway, there are a few things you feel when you play the game. In the past, when I went to Act 3, I was annoyed that the dwarves would run and hit me like zerglings. Now, I feel like Columbus who drove out Native Americans. I don’t think I’m taking their home.

The same goes for going to Caubang. Do I deserve to kill this? The cows in Caubang don’t even look too demonic. And seeing a dead cow makes me want to eat beef.

In Act 4, there is a demon that lays eggs. In the past, it was just set on fire, but now it seems like a bad guy who uses his children as meat shields to live.

Actually, the game hasn’t changed, but the biggest change is myself. In the past, I would call any friend and spend the night together. Now, all my friends are working hard in their places, so it is difficult to contact them. So, I still can’t make level 80, which I made in one day. As I get older, it seems that I gradually get used to this loneliness.

In the past, there was not a lot of food in the PC room, so I was happy to eat only cup noodles or oatari. But now, even if there is a lot of food, many friends to eat with have disappeared.

At that time, these hell demons were more frightening. But now I have come to realize that humans are the scariest. It’s so much fun to play this game knowing that it’s me who’s changed the most.

Unfortunately, the items I had in Dia 2 Classic cannot be brought here. My second favorite Jordan in the world after Michael Jordan was the ring, but all my Jordan rings are gone.

Now, how about playing this game, reconnecting with old friends, meeting up on the weekend and going back to our teens and 20s once again?

So, are you going to buy this game or not?

Moms and Dads who can connect at 10 o’clock, busy office workers, don’t buy it.

I can’t access Blizzard, you bastards.

Those who want to reflect on their changed self. buy. But I can’t because I can’t connect, Blizzard, you bastards.

Those who want to keep in touch with their friends after a while. buy. But I can only contact you, but you can’t connect, you bastards. Still, it’s a pleasure to be in touch.

So, everyone, please don’t draw grandpa swords, quail bows, or draws until the news that the server has been stabilized. Then, friends, subscribe, follow, set notifications, and send MSN messenger~~ Paru~~

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