[날씨톡톡] Air quality crisis due to yellow dust!… Be sure to bring a health mask

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It is a weather toctoc.

Did you bring a health mask today?

Yellow dust has been introduced to Korea since yesterday afternoon.

Now, as yellow dust covers the country, high concentrations of fine dust are rampant.

Enjoyed spring without worrying about dust, I think everyone will miss the clear spring weather one day.

Today, we prepared a song called ‘Only longing accumulates’.

I could see a lot of posts about sore throats because the air quality situation is a crisis.

On days like today, it is recommended to refrain from unnecessary outdoor activities.

A fine dust advisory has now been issued in most parts of the country.

Currently, the concentration of ultrafine dust in Seoul is 122 micrograms per cubic meter, about five times higher than normal.

In particular, Daejeon and Sejong show a very bad step, which is more than 151 micrograms.

This is because the air quality is expected to be poor throughout the country today.

Venting is forbidden even if it is a bit stuffy.

Ventilation is not effective because only bad air dust flows into the room when the window is opened.

Instead, it would be better to check the windows, etc.

Today’s high temperature phenomenon has eased somewhat.

The temperature during the day in Seoul will be 18 degrees, and the temperature will be lower than yesterday throughout the country.

Still, it will be milder than usual.

A dry warning has again been issued across the central region.

You must be careful with the embers to avoid a fire accident.

Only clouds will pass inland on weekends and holidays.

The milder than usual spring weather will continue.

It was the weather.

(weather caster Jin Yeon-ji)

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