[날씨] ‘Sanggang’ Cold wind…East coast, rain clouds are coming

It is said that the last season of autumn is approaching, so this season feels short again.

The autumn sun will shine well in the western part tomorrow, when it is supposed to be a frosty day.

The wind will be cooler than today, so the daytime temperature in Seoul will be 17 degrees, about 4 degrees lower than today.

Also, in the western regions, where fine dust flows in, there will be many places where the view is unclear until the morning as the fog gradually clears.

Air quality will gradually improve from tomorrow afternoon.

Meanwhile, the easterly wind will bring rain clouds to the east coast.

The rain will start tomorrow morning in Yeongdong, Gangwon, and will spread to the rest of the east coast during the day.

You have to be careful because hail can fall while it rains 10 to 20 mm per hour with lightning and gusts.

In addition, in the eastern inland region, there will be some rain from the afternoon through the night due to atmospheric instability.

The rain on the east coast will stop for a while tomorrow night, and then continue again from the morning of the day after tomorrow.

Tomorrow, the western part will pass only occasional clouds.

The morning temperature will be similar to today, with a distribution of around 10 degrees across the country.

The temperature during the day is much lower than today, so we will stay at 17 degrees in Seoul, 15 degrees in Gangneung, and 20 degrees in Daegu.

Temperatures in Seoul are expected to drop to 6 degrees on Monday morning as cold air descends from behind the rain clouds.

It was the weather.

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