[날씨] Seoul 25.1 degrees, the warmest ever in March… gradual rain across the country

Under clear skies, a warm southerly wind, and strong spring sunlight added to it, resulting in unusually high temperatures today.

The midday temperature in Seoul rose to 25.1 degrees Celsius, breaking the record for the highest temperature in March.

It will be warm during the day tomorrow too.

On the way to work, the forecast was 14 degrees in Seoul and 22 degrees during the day.

From tomorrow night, cold air will come in from the north-west again.

Temperatures will gradually drop, but above average temperatures will continue throughout the weekend.

Right now, if you check the radar status, it’s raining around Jeju.

Gradually expanding to other areas, it will rain in most areas of the country tomorrow.

Up to 50mm of rainfall is expected in Jeju by the day after tomorrow and on the Yeongnam coast by tomorrow.

Until tomorrow, 5 to 30 mm of rain will fall in other areas.

Most of the rain will stop by late afternoon.

The air will stay dry until it rains.

At present, drought warnings are in effect in many parts of the country.

Fire must be managed carefully.

Meanwhile, the air quality situation is better than yesterday.

Currently, the air quality in Incheon and Gyeonggi goes up and down from bad to very bad.

Tomorrow, there is a possibility that the dust level will rise due to the influx of yellow dust.

You should also check the latest fine dust situation frequently.

The rain is expected to continue for a long time in Jeju until next weekend morning.

The weather has been reported so far.

(Kang Ji-su, weather caster)

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