[날씨] Sub-zero cold, sensible temperature ↓ … Snow accumulation in high mountains

It has been raining heavily since the beginning of December.

Temperatures are dropping all over the country now than yesterday.

The wind is strong and the temperature you feel is below freezing.

It is currently minus 2.5 degrees Celsius in Seoul.

The sensible temperature drops to minus 8 degrees Celsius.

A cold wave advisory has been issued for northern Gyeonggi Province, northern Yeongseo, and mountainous areas in Gangwon, and a strong wind advisory has been issued for coastal areas.

In these areas, instantaneous gusts of gusts of up to 70 km/h can blow.

Now, in the Honam region, snow and rain continue to come and go, and there are areas where snow is piled up like this in Deogyusan.

Snow or rain may occur across the country through the afternoon.

It was the weather.

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