[날씨] Sunny all weekend, below freezing in the morning… Rain and snow on the west coast overnight

A clear sky was revealed thanks to the cold air from the north.

The skies across the country will be clear throughout this weekend.

However, in the morning, Seoul will drop to minus 3 degrees and Daegwallyeong to minus 8 degrees, and sub-zero cold will appear again.

It is not a severe cold wave, but the temperature fluctuation is rather large.

You must take good care of your health.

You must have made a lot of plans ahead of the weekend.

Those traveling to and from the coast should be aware of various safety accidents.

It will rain or snow a little in the west coast region tonight.

Since it is a cold day, the road may be frozen and the road may be slippery.

In addition, the East Coast region should be careful not to damage the forest fire.

The air in the east coast region is very dry, with a dry advisory issued today in Ulsan as well.

Tomorrow will be mostly cloudy throughout the country.

Air quality will be clean.

The lowest temperature in the morning is 2 to 8 degrees lower than today.

It will show minus 3 degrees in Seoul, minus 8 degrees in Chuncheon and minus 2 degrees in Daejeon.

The daytime temperature is slightly higher than today, so 6 degrees in Seoul and 10 degrees in Gwangju and Daegu are expected.

We have rain news next Tuesday.

Even when it rains, it doesn’t get cold.

Relatively mild weather is expected next week.

It was the weather.

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