[날씨] Ultrafine dust concentration ‘bad’… mild weather like early spring

As soon as the days get warmer, fine dust becomes a problem.

Currently, the concentration of ultrafine dust is at a low level in most areas. In particular, in Sejong and Jeonbuk regions, the concentration of ultrafine dust exceeded 75 micrograms, showing a very bad level.

Today (13th), there will be dust all day in the west. In the Yeongseo and southern regions, dust will accumulate and scatter repeatedly.

In the east, there is news of snow that will soothe the dryness. Rain of 5 to 30 mm is expected on the east coast. In particular, in the mountainous regions of northern Gangwon, where the temperature is low, there is a possibility that up to 30 cm of snow can accumulate, so you should prepare in advance.

The rest of the area will be mostly cloudy.

The day has become very warm.

The current temperature in Seoul has been restored to 1.7 degrees Celsius. The daytime temperature is expected to rise to 9 degrees in Seoul and 12 degrees in Daejeon, and mild weather like early spring is expected today.

Tomorrow, when the week starts again, there will be snow and rain in most areas, including Seoul.

(Meteorological Caster Ahn Su-jin)


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