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[날씨]Strong rain and wind everywhere in the rainy season and typhoon… Jeju up to 250mm

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On the 22nd, Sunday, due to the influence of low pressure, it may rain occasionally in the metropolitan area and Gangwon-do until morning, and raindrops may fall in the Chungcheong area and southern regions. There will be very strong rain and strong winds with thunder and lightning in some areas.

According to the Korea Meteorological Administration on that day, there may be very strong rains of 30 to 50 mm per hour accompanied by thunder and lightning in Jeju Island and other places.

The Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) emphasized, “Rain falling in the upstream of a valley or river can cause sudden surges of water downstream.

The expected precipitation on this day is 50-150 mm on Jeju Island near the southern coast and Mt. Jirisan (250 mm or more in many places on Jeju Island). Others are 30-80 mm nationwide (more than 100 mm in many places). On the 23rd, the pressure trough approaching from the West Sea and the tropical depression expected to be weakened by the 12th typhoon ‘Ohmais’ will gradually be affected. It will start raining on Jeju Island, Jeollabuk-do and Gyeongnam coast in the morning and will spread to the whole country in the afternoon. In particular, there may be places where it rains with strong winds in Jeju Island, Jeollanam-do, and Gyeongsang-do. However, the precipitation zone and amount of precipitation may vary depending on the location of the pressure trough and the movement path and strength of the tropical depression.

The daytime temperature will rise to around 31 degrees centered on the Gyeongsang area, and it will be hot, but on the 23rd it will be lower by 1-3 degrees.

The morning minimum temperature will be 20-24 degrees, and the daytime maximum temperature will be 27-32 degrees.

The morning minimum temperature in major regions is 23 degrees in Seoul, 23 degrees in Incheon, 23 degrees in Suwon, 22 degrees in Chuncheon, 23 degrees in Gangneung, 23 degrees in Cheongju, 23 degrees in Daejeon, 23 degrees in Jeonju, 22 degrees in Gwangju, 23 degrees in Daegu, 24 degrees in Busan. Jeju is 25 degrees.

The highest daytime temperature is Seoul 29 degrees, Incheon 28 degrees, Suwon 30 degrees, Chuncheon 30 degrees, Gangneung 31 degrees, Cheongju 30 degrees, Daejeon 29 degrees, Jeonju 30 degrees, Gwangju 30 degrees, Daegu 31 degrees, Busan 29 degrees, Jeju 29 degrees. turn

The wind will blow very strongly with an average wind speed of 10 to 16 ㎧ and a maximum instantaneous wind speed of 20 ㎧ or more until 9 pm on the Jeollanam-do coast and Jeju Island, where the strong wind advisory was issued, and until the dawn of the 22nd on the Gyeongnam coast. In other areas, there may be strong winds of 9 to 13 ㎧.

While a storm warning was in effect for all seas (except for the central part of the East Sea), winds were very strong at 10 to 18 ㎧, and waves were very high at 1.5 to 4.0 m, with winds blowing very strongly at 10 to 18 ㎧ until the morning in the West Sea, Nam Sea, and Jeju Island until the morning of the 22nd. I will

There will be thunder and lightning in the South Sea and Jeju Island until tomorrow, along with a gust of wind in all seas on the 23rd.

The fine dust concentration will show a ‘good’ level in all areas due to the smooth air diffusion and the effect of precipitation.


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