[날씨]The temperature rose during the day to around 30 degrees… Showers in some areas

Avoid showers! Photo: Yonhap News

Today, Sunday (4th), the heat will continue with clear skies across the country, but showers will fall in some areas.

The temperature of the day today will show a distribution of 23 to 31 degrees, with Gangneung at 31 degrees, Daegu at 30 degrees, Seoul, Gwangju, and Daejeon at 28 degrees.

The temperature is slightly higher than yesterday, which is similar or slightly higher than normal.

However, in some parts of the central region, it will cool down for a while with showers.

Showers will fall mainly in northern Gyeonggi-do and northern Gangwon-do, and the expected precipitation is around 5mm.

From dawn to morning, there will be foggy areas with visibility of less than 1 km in the central inland areas and Jeolla, and strong winds with an instantaneous wind speed of 55 km/h will blow in the central region.

Fine dust will record ‘good’ to ‘normal’ levels across the country.

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