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[내일날씨] Rain showers all over the country… Beware of gusts and hail

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picture explanationRain showers all over the country

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On Monday, the 28th, there will be showers in inland and mountainous areas from the morning to the evening while there are many clouds across the country.

The expected precipitation is 5 to 40 mm in the central inland, in the Jeolla region, in the interior of the western part of Gyeongsang, and in the mountainous areas of Jeju Island.

In areas where it rains, there will be places where there will be thunder and lightning along with gusts of wind, and there will be places where hail may fall, so pay special attention to crop and facility management and safety accidents.

The lowest temperature in the morning was predicted to be 18 to 21 degrees, and the highest temperature in the daytime was predicted to be 22 to 30 degrees.

The fine dust concentration is expected to be at a ‘good’ to ‘normal’ level across the country due to the smooth air diffusion.

There are places in the West Sea where sea fog is thick, so sailing or fishing vessels should pay attention to safety accidents.

In the southern and western coasts, caution should be taken for safety accidents on the coast and on the rocks at high tide.

The wave of the sea will rise 0.5 to 1.0 m off the coast of all seas. Wave heights in the distant sea are expected to be 0.5 to 1.5 m in the East Sea and 0.5 to 2.0 m in the West and South Seas.

The following is the regional weather forecast for the 28th. [오전, 오후](Minimum to maximum temperature)

▲ Seoul: [흐림, 구름많고 소나기] (21∼29)

▲ Incheon : [구름많음, 구름많음] (21∼27)

▲ Suwon : [흐림, 구름많고 가끔 소나기] (21∼29)

▲ Chuncheon : [흐림, 구름많고 한때 소나기] (19∼30)

▲ Gangneung : [흐림, 흐림] (19∼25)

▲ Cheongju: [흐리고 한때 소나기, 구름많고 한때 소나기] (21∼30)

▲ Daejeon: [흐림, 구름많고 소나기] (21∼30)

▲ Sejong : [구름많음, 구름많고 가끔 소나기] (20∼29)

▲ Jeonju: [흐리고 한때 소나기, 구름많고 한때 소나기] (21∼29)

▲ Gwangju: [흐림, 구름많고 가끔 소나기] (21∼29)

▲ Daegu : [구름많음, 맑음] (20∼28)

▲ Busan : [구름많음, 구름많음] (21∼27)

▲ Ulsan : [흐림, 구름많음] (20∼25)

▲ Changwon: [구름많음, 구름많음] (20∼28)

▲ Jeju: [구름많음, 구름많음] (22∼27)


※ This article was produced in collaboration with NCsoft’s artificial intelligence technology, Natural Language Processing Technology (NLP). Based on the draft written by artificial intelligence and data from the Korea Meteorological Administration, the reporter completed the final article and went through desking.

The Korea Meteorological Administration’s weather forecast, the raw data of the article, can also be found on the website (https://www.weather.go.kr).

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