[노컷브이]Russia beats Ukraine, China beats Taiwan

Recently, Russia has even deployed troops to Belarus, which borders Ukraine to the north. After all, Ukraine is surrounded by Russian forces in the north and east.

In such a situation, the United States is approaching an immediate crisis by issuing an order to withdraw to the families of diplomats in Ukraine saying that ‘war could break out at any time’.

The West is warning of massive economic sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine. However, Russia does not blink an eye in spite of such warnings from the West and is calmly preparing to invade Ukraine.

The reason Russia is not so afraid of Western sanctions is because of China. Russia and China have overlapping interests in that they have a common enemy: the United States. Russia is fighting the United States for hegemony in the former Soviet Union, and China is fighting the United States for hegemony in the world.

Russia and China have joined hands to dismantle the US monopolar system. Russia had joined hands with China to counter economic sanctions from the West during the annexation of Crimea in 2014. As a result, Russia’s dependence on China has risen sharply, and the economy has developed on the contrary.

In this situation, the United States is considering sending troops directly to the three Baltic countries. In response, Russia is holding back direct US military intervention, suggesting that it may deploy the world’s most powerful ‘Zircon’ hypersonic missile in Cuba.

China is closely monitoring the conflict between Russia and the United States. “China is watching this crisis carefully because it wants to learn from Russia certain tactics it can use in Taiwan,” said Zhao Tong, a researcher at the Carnegie Tsinghua Center for International Policy in Beijing. “I have been referring to Russia’s strategy before,” he said.

Based on this move, the US expects that China will invade Taiwan right after the Beijing Winter Olympics.

“After the Olympics, we will see China aggressively invade Taiwan in the South China Sea,” said House Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCall. there,” he claimed.

In response, the U.S. has recently added three out of four naval carriers in operation to the Indo-Pacific region to keep China in check. In addition, we are preparing ‘low-power nuclear weapons’, such as training to drop the B61-12, a new tactical nuclear bomb, from an F-35A stealth fighter.

Seeing that the US is preparing ‘low-power nuclear weapons’ is proving that China is no longer a good match for the US. Under these circumstances, if Russia invaded Ukraine, the US front would be split in two.

The division of the front against two superpowers vying for the second and third positions in military power would pose a great risk to the United States. Historically, the cause of the collapse of the British Empire, which occupied a quarter of the world’s land area and was the world’s most powerful country, is also known as the massive defense spending due to the successive expansion of the front line.

If the unipolar system in the United States is greatly shaken from this incident, Korea may also face a major crisis. This is because Korea maintains relatively close relations with the United States in every way.

If you look back on past history, the fall of an empire has always been sudden. It seems that we also need to actively prepare for the rapidly changing world hegemony.



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