[뉴스브리핑] Covers the conflict between Korea and Japan over the past four and a half years… ‘Suture’ for future relationships / Illegal supply of 31.4 billion won in subsidies to private organizations… Yoon Seok-yeol ” People directly monitor” / “Refuse to audit preferential recruitment” All election commissioners are accused

Covering the conflict between Korea and Japan over the past four and a half years… ‘Sure’ for future relationships

Since the end of 2018, Korea and Japan have decided to end the ‘Patrol Clash’ that has dragged on for four and a half years, repeating battles of truth and conflicts of pride.
There is no change in both parties’ claims that the other party was to blame, but it is interpreted that they have agreed to focus on future-oriented cooperation rather than covering up the good and the bad.
National Defense Minister Lee Jong-seop and Japanese Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada held talks on the occasion of the 20th Asian Security Conference in Singapore on the 4th.
Regarding the patrol conflict, both sides agreed to focus on preparing measures to prevent this from happening again.
The patrol aircraft conflict began on December 20, 2018 when the Navy’s Gwanggaeto the Great searched for a North Korean fishing boat in distress in the East Sea.
It was prompted by Japan’s claim that it was inspecting the fire control radar for a Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force P1 patrol plane that flew nearby.
In this way, the Korean and Japanese defense authorities do not bend the current debate to the end,
President Seok-yeol Yoon and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan decided to cover up the conflict and pass it by.
It is interpreted as following an agreement to normalize and improve relations between the two countries.

Receive 31.4 billion subsidies illegally from private organizations… Yoon Seok-yeol “People are directly monitoring”

The result of a government audit of 12,000 private organizations that have received state subsidies over the past three years
It was found that 1,865 irregularities and irregularities were confirmed in the business which earned 1.1 trillion.
It was investigated that only the illegal use confirmed here earned 31.4 billion.
The target of the audit is a project for which government subsidies worth 6.8 trillion won were paid to about 12,000 private organizations.
According to the President’s Office, there are around 25,000 private organisations, and around half of them are included in the audit.
As a representative example, a unification movement group said it would find a national hero.
It was noted that he received 62.6 million won by the government and campaigned for the resignation of the Yoon Seok-yeol regime.
The government has decided to recover all or part of the fraudulently used government subsidies.
The government decided to strengthen control to prevent corruption in the use of state subsidies by private organizations.
Not only the organization that received the subsidy, but also the sub-organisations that were entrusted with the sub-contract and that implemented the actual budget
All of them were registered in eNara Help, the government’s subsidy management system.
In addition, we intend to upload all accounting documents, settlement reports, and various evidence so that they are transparently disclosed.
In addition, in order to stimulate public reporting, the reporting window has been set to provide complaints and civil policies of the government service.
The plan is to expand it to the Government 24 Internet portal site, and increase the amount of prizes.
After receiving the report on the results of the audit, President Yoon Seok-yeol said, “If the people don’t directly monitor the subsidy,
A high-ranking official in the president’s office said he had ordered the bounty system to be strengthened, saying it could be misused.

All Electoral Commissioners accused of ‘refusing to examine preferential recruitment’

National Election Commissioner Roh Tae-ak and election officials were charged by the prosecution for refusing to examine the Audit and Inspection Board for an allegation of preferential hiring of children.
People’s Power Seoul City Councilor Lee Jong-bae held a press conference in front of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office in Seocho-dong, Seoul on the 4th.
The Electoral Commission’s decision to refuse an audit is a clearly illegal act, and he said he is accusing the Election Commissioner and all members of the Audit and Inspection Board of breaching the Act.
The Audit and Inspection Board Act states that if a person subject to an audit refuses to be audited or refuses to submit materials, he will be punished by imprisonment for up to one year or a fine of up to 10 million in be won.
On the 2nd, the National Electoral Commission announced that it was the unanimous opinion of all members, and refused to examine the duties of the Audit and Inspection Board relating to the suspicion of preferential hiring of children.
There is a constitutional practice where the National Electoral Commission is not inspected for duties to ensure balance between state institutions.
According to Article 97 of the Constitution, the National Electoral Commission, which is not an administrative agency, is not subject to inspection by the Audit and Inspection Board.

Chungcheongnam-do, Asan Bay Circulation Railway and Police Hospital Construction “Speed”

Chungcheongnam-do will become another main artery of Bay Valley Mega City, the 8th civil election No. 1 task.
Administrative power is focused on the construction of the Asan Bay Circulation Railway and the opening of the National Police Hospital branch in 2028.
On the 2nd, Governor Kim Tae-heum visited Asan City on the ninth schedule of visiting cities and counties in the 2nd year of the 8th civil election.
We searched for future development plans for Asan through visits to policy sites, press conferences, and conversations with residents of the province.
In a conversation with the residents of the province, Governor Kim reported on the recent achievements of the province, and then, for the development of Asan,
He stressed that he would proceed with the construction of the Asan Bay Circulation Railway, the extension of the GTX-C route from Cheonan to Asan, and the establishment of a police hospital branch.
The Asan Bay Circulation Railway connects Cheonan, Asan, Dangjin, and Pyeongtaek in Gyeonggi Province in an oval shape.
It is 103.7 kilometers long and is planned to be built by investing 961.8 billion won by 2035.
In addition, for the provincial Police National Hospital branch, the Police Human Resources Development Center in Chosa-dong, Asan-si, is located on 81,118 square meters of abandoned land.
The intention is to build it as a high level general hospital with 550 beds.
Governor Kim responds to government budgets and government budgets so that the police hospital branch office can open in 2028
He emphasized that he would do his best to shorten administrative procedures such as permits and licenses and promote urban development projects.

The Gomanaru International Theater Festival is held in Gongju in August.

Gongju Gomanaru International Theater Festival, which has the highest authority in Korea, welcomes the audience with an adult image.
20th Gomanaru International Theater Festival sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Chungcheongnam-do
It will be held at the Goma Art Center in Gongju City between August 5th and 13th.
The Gongju Gomanaru International Theater Festival has the highest authority in Korea as the only major award among the national theater events is the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award.
A total of 60 works were accepted at this theater festival, held for the first time this year, and 6 works were on the competition stage, breaking through the competition rate of 10:1.
This year, three foreign performance teams will seek out Gongju, living up to its title as an international theater festival.
On August 5, the Royal Art Company’s traditional performance at the Heritage Conservation Center in Hue Province, Vietnam opens.
On August 7th, Stranger’s Garden by the Sapporo Japan Theater Liaison Society
And on the last day, masterpieces like Love Poem of the National Academy of Kazakhstan’s Koryo Theater will decorate the grand finale.