[뉴스워치] ‘Possible re-examination’… A non-face-to-face treatment pilot project started today

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Non-face-to-face treatment, which was temporarily allowed during the COVID-19 pandemic, has been changed to a pilot project from today.

Previously, it was possible to take a first visit, but now only a second visit is allowed.

Let’s talk about how things are changing with Park Min-soo, the 2nd Vice Minister of Health and Welfare.


<질문 1> As the level of response to the COVID-19 crisis declined, the legal basis for non-face-to-face treatment disappeared. To begin with, there is a non-face-to-face treatment today, and there was talk of whether it could be implemented, but it was a pilot project, but it was difficult to take the first step. What is the background of the promotion?

<질문 2> Before the corona crisis, the target to receive medical treatment has changed. From now on, I know that it will be conducted mainly in medical institutions at the clinic level. In particular, which patients can receive non-face-to-face care?

<질문 3> There was much debate in society as a whole, starting with the political world, whether it was a first visit or a second visit. There were quite a few voices saying that you should start with the first treatment, and there still are. In the case of pediatric and adolescent patients, it is known that the initial examination was also reviewed, but was suddenly changed. Is there a reason it is restricted to returning patients?

<질문 4> The supply of drugs was also controversial. The issue of automatic drug delivery has been raised through existing faceless treatment platform companies, but it is true that some people need delivery services. But now it is completely blocked. Is there any reason to limit it?

<질문 5> Let’s also address the issue of medical bills. Increased to 130%. If doctors are paid 30% more in the name of management fee, it will be a burden on health insurance funding and the patient co-payment will increase. Are there any financial problems in the future, or is there a possibility of adjustment?

<질문 6> Brokerage platform companies have collapsed the ecosystem of the industry, and they are shouting that it is a death sentence. There were places where the business stopped. In fact, they say you need to receive information from new employees to re-examine, but is there an organizational addition? How do you see it?

<질문 7> As the approach is different from the current one, a three month guideline period is being implemented. It appears that the coordination with related organizations such as the medical society, the pharmaceutical society, and the stage industry should continue. What will be the direction of the institutionalization of face-to-face care after the pilot project?

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