[단독] 4.2 million financial apps ‥ Even though customers are running out of money, “It’s the weekend…”

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Do you use a lot of open banking apps that allow you to view all bank accounts and make payments or payments with one application?

A hacking incident occurred in Hana Financial Group’s open banking app with over 4.2 million subscribers, but no action was taken by the company.

The reason was that the customer center does not operate on weekends or holidays.

Reporter Kim Eun-cho reports exclusively.

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A man in his 40s who lives in Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do, received a text message from a delivery company late last month.

When I said I needed to confirm my address, I clicked on the link and wrote down my personal information, like my social security number.

But the next day, 8 million won was withdrawn from my bank account.

The hackers created an account on Open Banking Finnq with the victim’s personal information and received money from it.

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“(In the text message), something came with a verification code. I immediately thought it was something strange.”

I hastily froze my bank account and made a call to Fink to stop the money escaping from my open banking app account, but the call didn’t work.

Section 3.1 The customer center was not operating because it was a holiday.

In the end, men have no choice but to watch the money go out even if they know the damage.

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“He called the bank and asked to stop the payment, but the (open banking) app did not answer the call.”

Another woman in her 40s lost 11 million won in the same way last weekend.

Over the weekend, I had to watch the hackers take my money by taking a credit card loan.

I tried to freeze my open bank account, but I could not even receive an accident report during holidays and nights outside the operating hours of the customer center.

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“It really stayed all weekend. It was hell for two days until Monday.”

When the coverage started, the company announced that it was possible to receive reports through the app chat function even on holidays, but the customer center only repeated the word holiday, but there was no guidance, so it was practically useless.

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“If (damage) claims are not received on holidays or weekends, it is inevitable that the damage will spread. There should at least be a guide on how to apply.”

In particular, it is noted that in the case of prepaid refund money, which is used as cash in open banking apps, unlike bank accounts, there is no obligation to withhold payment, so it is basically unprotected from such financial accidents.

Finck’s Hana Financial Group announced that it would be operating a financial crash reporting center from the end of this month.

This is Kim Eun-cho from MBC News.

Video comment: Shin Seok-ho (Chugbuk)

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