[단독] Ahn Cheol-soo proposes to discuss unification of the opposition after registering as a presidential candidate today

Photo courtesy of Yonhap News

It is known that presidential candidate Ahn Cheol-soo of the People’s Party will propose to candidate Yoon Seok-yeol of the People’s Power to discuss unification at a press conference scheduled for this morning immediately after the registration of the presidential candidate.

In a phone call with MBC this morning, National People’s Party permanent election chairman Choi Jin-seok said, “Isn’t the candidate talking about unification?”

Chairman Choi said, “As there is public opinion, I will make a proposal to meet with Candidate Yoon and have a discussion,” said Chairman Choi. explained.

He added, “Watch the press conference at 9 o’clock,” adding, “It is a proposal in a special way.”

To the question of whether there was any prior sympathy with Candidate Yoon, he answered, “No,” he added, adding, “If we do not respond to the public opinion, the people will think differently.”

However, Chairman Choi said, “I don’t finish the race and it’s not that I want to unify.”


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