[단독] Cho Seung-woo, Corona 19 ‘Voice’… Confirmed No additional infection by Jung Woo-sung

Actor Jo Seung-woo also tested negative for COVID-19.

On the 1st, Cho Seung-woo’s agency Goodman Story said, “As a close contact of Jung Woo-sung, he underwent a PCR (gene amplification) test on the 30th according to the quarantine guidelines, and today it came out negative.”

Cho Seung-woo was filming an advertisement with Jung Woo-sung on the 29th, when Jung Woo-sung confirmed that he was diagnosed with the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19/Corona 19).

Filming was immediately stopped after Jung Woo-sung was confirmed with Corona 19, and everyone at the scene was classified as a close contact and underwent a PCR test on the same day and on the morning of the 30th.

Another companion, Lee Byung-hun, received a PCR test result quickly on the afternoon of the 30th and was confirmed negative, and Cho Seung-woo received a negative result in the morning of the 1st a day later. However, as both actors had a rather early test period, they said they would keep in mind the incubation period of the virus and keep an eye on the trend.

On the 26th, Jung Woo-sung and Lee Jung-jae, who attended the 42nd Blue Dragon Film Awards as presenters, are also consistently receiving negative results. Lee Jung-jae departed for the United States to attend the 31st Gotham Awards and completed the schedule safely.

Accordingly, the aftermath of Jung Woo-sung’s confirmation, which made the film industry and the advertising industry nervous, is understood to have no additional infections so far, and breathes a sigh of relief.

Reporter Jo Yeon-kyung, Entertainment News Team [email protected] (Content Business Headquarters)



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