[단독] ‘Daughter-in-law of the Doosan Family’ Jo Soo-ae “It’s not the second child… The first old picture”

picture explanationJo Soo-ae. photo ㅣJTBC

Former JTBC announcer Jo Soo-ae, the daughter-in-law of the Doosan family, was caught up in rumors of the birth of a second child by posting a photo of her newborn baby, but it was confirmed to be groundless.

On the 26th, Jo Soo-ae told Maeil Business Star Today, “It’s not the second time. (First) It’s an old photo,” he said directly. “Thank you for your interest,” he added.

On this day, Jo Su-ae drew attention by posting a picture of her husband Park Seo-won lying next to her newborn baby along with baby and bottle emoticons on Instagram.

Jo Soo-ae and Park Seo-won couple.  PhotoㅣJo Soo-ae's SNS

picture explanationJo Soo-ae and Park Seo-won couple. PhotoㅣJo Soo-ae’s SNS

To this, netizens responded, “Is this the second one?” “Did you have a baby in the meantime?” “Your baby is so pretty,” and carefully speculated about the second childbirth. However, it seems that he remembered the days when he was just born, seeing the rapid growth of his son, who turned 4 this year, rather than giving birth to a second child.

Jo Soo-ae, who joined JTBC in 2016 with a competitive ratio of 1800 to 1, married Doosan Magazine CEO Park Seo-won in December 2018, 13 years older than him, and they have a son.

After leaving JTBC just before marriage, he has devoted himself to raising children and helping children. He only occasionally discloses his happy parenting daily life and the process of his son’s growth through SNS.

Jo Su-ae’s husband, Park Seo-won, is the eldest son of former Doosan Infracore Chairman Park Yong-man. He served as executive vice president of Oricom, an advertising affiliate, and currently serves as the managing director of Doosan Group and CEO of Doosan Magazine.

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