[단독] Even the Chairman of the Road Traffic Authority?

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Yesterday the Audit and Inspection Board reported that more than 7,000 public officers’ worth of five years’ use of the railways had been submitted, and among them, data from the civil years of agency heads who were under pressure to resign from their positions was included. passports.

Following Kim Je-nam, chairman of the Nuclear Security Institute, today I am the former chief of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

It is suspected that he also took the records of the Civil days of the head of the Migration Road Traffic Authority.

Chairman Lee Ju-min is also the person who pressured Representative Jang Je-won, aka Yoon Hek-kwan, to ‘resign’.

First of all, reporter Kim Gun-hwi made the exclusive comment.

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This is the list of employees submitted to the Audit and Inspection Board by the Road Traffic Authority.

The date of birth and title of the executives and employees, including the expatriate chairman, have been noted.

This is the five year history of rail use presented by the Audit and Inspection Board by KORAIL and SR.

Although the resident’s name and number are hidden behind the Audit and Inspection Board’s list, compared to the list submitted by the Road Traffic Authority, the last name and date of birth of the subjects of the audit the same as the Audit and Inspection Board list.

Accordingly, it appears that the Chairman of the Migrants Board of Directors and the executives and employees of the Road Traffic Authority are included in the audit targets of the Audit and Inspection Board.

Lee Jumin, the last director of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, retired in 2018, and took office in February last year.

However, Chairman Lee was civilian from January 2019 to January 2021.

There is suspicion that the Audit and Inspection Board secured train usage records for about two years when Chairman Lee was a civilian.

Chairman Lee received strong pressure from Representative Jang Je-won, a member of the People’s Power, who is considered ‘yun-hak-kwan’ in a recent state inspection, saying, “It is the peak of the Moon Jae-in the heads of the public agencies of the administration, the people of Bo-eun and Jeong-sil.”

[장제원 의원/국회 행정안전위원회 (10월 7일)]

“I think the worst precedent for Inseon, the head of a public institution, is the former head of the immigration office, the Chairman of the Road Traffic Authority. Do you have any plans to resign?”

He seems to be the same as Kim Je-nam, chairman of the Nuclear Security Institute, who was clearly pressured to resign by Rep. Kwon Seong-dong, the same Yoon Hak-kwan, saying, “Bite your tongue and die.”

The Democratic Party is demanding an investigation into the truth, saying it is clearly illegal for the Audit and Inspection Board to look into civilian records.

[김회재 의원/국회 산업통상자원중소벤처기업위원회]

“The tail of the Auditor General’s illegal civil temple has been exposed. The investigation will have to reveal unequivocally who the body is.”

Earlier, the Audit and Inspection Board admitted to MBC reporters that it had secured Chairman Kim’s railroad history during his civilian days.

However, he replied that he could not confirm whether he was subject to an audit or not.

The Scrutiny and Inspection Board also said it had no intention of collecting civilian information.

In the process of auditing the business management of the funded investment organisation, he said he was requesting data on train use by current employees.

This is Kim Gun-hwi from MBC News.

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