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[단독] “Extension of 4 steps for 2 more weeks, some rules strengthened”… Announced on the 23rd

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Contrary to wishing for a little improvement, the record for the highest number ever recorded continues to be broken. The number of confirmed cases has risen to the chin of 2,000. This number includes the number of confirmed cases in the Cheonghae Unit, but even so, more than 1,500 people came from Korea. Due to this situation, the 4th stage of distancing in the metropolitan area has been extended. As a result of the JTBC coverage, the government decided to apply the 4th step for two more weeks, and add ‘extra measures’ to it. The so-called ‘4 phase plus alpha’ will be announced tomorrow (23rd).

This is the first news reporter Yuhanul.


The number of confirmed cases in Korea, excluding inflows from overseas, such as those from the Cheonghae Unit, is 1,533.

There were about 200 fewer people than yesterday, 1726.

But the spread continues.

The number of confirmed cases continues to come out of private academies, gyms, and entertainment bars.

The metropolitan area did not increase, but it did not decrease much either.

Step 4 is to press and hold once.

So, the government finally decided to extend the 4th stage of distance in the metropolitan area by two more weeks, and it will be announced tomorrow.

This is the result of the quarantine strategy meeting attended by Prime Minister Kim Bu-gyeom and Minister of Health and Welfare Kwon Deok-cheol this afternoon.

In particular, as a result of the JTBC coverage, it was confirmed that they would announce a plan to add some quarantine rules.

A key government official said, “It will be at the level of slightly strengthening the rules that have been in place.”

A de facto curfew that prevents even two people from gathering after 6 p.m. was also discussed, but fatigue from quarantine was taken into account.

The fact that the spread of the metropolitan area is not growing explosively was also taken into account.

[배경택/중앙방역대책본부 상황총괄단장 : 확진자의 발생 관련되는 상황들, 증감 여부를 좀 더 살펴볼 필요가 있다고 생각하기 때문에, 이 부분들은 추가적인 검토를 하고 구체적으로 말씀을 드리겠습니다.]

We decided to discuss further measures for non-metropolitan areas.

The quarantine authorities have even considered applying three steps collectively and taking additional measures in areas where the situation is more serious.

However, it is not easy to draw a conclusion because the confirmed situation is different for each local government.

For this reason, it is understood that the passport suggested that each local government maintain the current distance but ban gatherings only at entertainment facilities.

After continuing discussions with local governments, the government also decided to announce a plan to maintain distance in non-metropolitan areas on the following Sunday.

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