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[단독] I put my arms around the neck of an elementary school student and said, “Let’s go together”…

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There was an incident where a middle-aged man seemed to be enticing an elementary school student on his way home from school, saying, ‘I’ll buy you food, follow me’ on the street in broad daylight.

CCTV footage secured by reporters also caught a child with an arm around his neck and attempting to drag him away, but the police have not yet investigated the perpetrator because he was ‘drunk’.

Reporter Kun-Hwi Kim covered the story.

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A man walking side by side with an elementary school student carrying a backpack.

I put my arm around the child’s shoulder, and when the child pulled out the phone, he wrapped his neck and even pushed it back.

Then he releases his arm again and taps the child on the shoulder as if it was a joke.

He was the first stranger he had ever seen.

[피해 아동 아버지]

“Suddenly, I said, ‘Let’s eat some ramen together,’ and he said he didn’t like it anymore. After he refused, then again, ‘I’ll buy you a drink at the convenience store, let’s go together’…”

Only after a passerby appeared from the other side, the victim was able to run away from the man who was pursuing him.

The man suddenly released his arm and tapped his shoulder, he said, after seeing a passerby approaching.

The child is a fifth grader of an elementary school who lives nearby, and it is said that a man in his 50s said “Come here” and followed him for about 30 meters.

[피해 아동 아버지]

“I kept saying, ‘Are you calling your mom because a bad person is following you?'”

The parents immediately reported the incident one hour after the incident, and the police arrested the suspect at around 8:30 in the evening of the same day.

However, the police went back without investigating the man because he was ‘drunk’.

The police also called the man the next day, but did not call him because he was also drunk.

[경찰 관계자]

“Because I am intoxicated by force majeure, there is no fear of escaping. Rather than an emergency arrest, my goal was to clearly notify the victim and reassure him.”

Families living in the neighborhood are terrified that their child will meet the man again.

[피해 아동 아버지]

“I know that (child) is in an anxious state, but I have to check the circumstances before and after, but it doesn’t make sense to leave it like that.”

The man is said to have told the police, ‘I just patted the child because he was pretty’.

The police decided to give the victim a smart watch for tracking the location and call the man for investigation tomorrow on charges of ‘inducing abduction’.

This is Kim Gun-hwi from MBC News.

Video coverage: Heo Won-cheol/Video editing: Jo Ara

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