[단독] Jae-myung Lee, who made a difference… Review of ‘private redevelopment’ mitigation


Candidate Jae-myung Lee has defined the real estate policy of the Moon Jae-in government as a ‘failure’. I apologized too. Then he declared ‘differentiation’. In addition to the idea of ​​overhauling the transfer tax and property tax, we plan to ease the acquisition tax as well. This means that the current government’s real estate tax policy will be overhauled. In addition to this, there is one more new thing we covered. Redevelopment. We are also actively reviewing measures to ease private redevelopment regulations. It seems that they decided that they could not depend solely on the public, which also reversed the policy direction of the current government.

The first news, reporter Kim Pil-jun covered it.


Democratic Party candidate Lee Jae-myung pledged to supply 2.5 million homes during his tenure as a real estate pledge.

[이상경/더불어민주당 부동산개혁위원장 (어제) : 기본주택 100만호를 포함하여 향후 5년간 250만 호의 주택을 공급하는 것입니다. 기본주택은 국민 모두의 주거권 보장을 위한 국가의 의무를 실천하는 새로운 출발점으로 기록될 것입니다.]

The key is to secure a site to support the supply.

The predecessors are looking for the remaining land around Seoul, but it is not an easy situation.

Last year, the Democratic Party identified all the scraps of land in the metropolitan area and released 100,000 houses.

[김태년/당시 더불어민주당 원내대표 (2020년 8월) : 서울권역에서는 그린벨트를 제외하고 찾을 수 있는 많은 부지를 확보해서 공급대책에 포함했습니다.]

At that time, it was said that they would demolish the Yuksa Golf Course in Taereung, Seoul and build 10,000 houses, but the size was reduced to 6,500 households as residents objected for damage to the cultural heritage landscape.

After the suspicion of preferential development in Daejang-dong emerged, the risk of accepting private land for public development also increased.

In the end, the predecessor team decided that in order to meet the large-scale supply, it had no choice but to release the private redevelopment.

A key official of the election committee said, “How will the public fill the 2.5 million units?” “We also decided to consider easing the private redevelopment process.”

Another key official also explained, “The easing of private redevelopment has been discussed for a long time because it is a policy that touches the skin more than new construction.”

It is not easy to secure a site, but the search for candidate areas is still in progress.

In addition to Gimpo Airport, it is known that Yongsan maintenance depot, Nanjido, and Magok sites are included in the review.

However, it is difficult to select a candidate site because there are not many restrictions such as opposition from residents.

Lee Jae-myung-pyo’s real estate supply measures are expected to come out as early as next month.


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