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[단독] KT Internet speed manipulation, to be decided soon

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In April, Information Technology (IT) YouTuber Issub revealed that KT’s 10 gigabit internet speed was 100Mbps (100 megabytes), which is one-hundredth of what was initially advertised. The Korean government’s decision on sanctions is scheduled to begin this month.

The government is known to have judged that the revelations of YouTuber Issub have some basis. KT is in a position to faithfully participate in the deliberation.

According to the Korea Communications Commission and the Ministry of Science and ICT on the 18th, the Korea Communications Commission is expected to deliberate and decide on the ‘KT 10G Internet speed degradation’ case as early as this month.

The controversy over intentionally lowering the wired internet speed started in April with a YouTuber named ‘Isseop’. This YouTuber pointed out that although 10 gigabytes of internet is being used for a monthly fee of 88,000 won in April, the speed has slowed down. As a result of the actual measurement, it was confirmed that the speed was 100Mbps, and after complaining to the customer center, a video was posted stating that the speed came out properly. Despite paying a price four times higher than the 100Mbps plan, which is 22,000 won per month, in reality, the service was received at a speed of 1/100 of the 10 gigabit (10Gbps) that was initially agreed upon.

Afterwards, KT CEO Koo Koo admitted that “there was an error in the speed setting” at a press conference. In addition, as a follow-up measure, the government announced that it would conduct a fact-finding investigation into the intentional slowing of the Internet speed.

At first, the government started a fact-finding investigation due to social controversies, but as the investigation progressed, suspicions were discovered, and the fact-finding was switched to a fact-finding investigation.

KT is in the position of not being able to express a clear opinion on the case of the Korea Communications Commission’s deliberation because the results have not yet been released.

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