[단독] Losing money in a casino and robbing a pawn shop with a gas gun?

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A man in his 50s entered a pawnshop in Gangwon-do with a gas gun, assaulted his owner and fled.

The man, who lost money at the casino, committed the crime and fled, but was caught by the police two hours later.

Reporter Lee Jun-ho was the sole reporter.

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A road near Gangwon Land in Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do.

A man wearing a black hat and white cotton gloves touches something as if he were loading a bullet.

A pistol-shaped gas gun.

The man looked around and immediately opened the door of a hall and entered.

Approaching the female owner sitting on the sofa, she grabs her hair and points a gun to her face.

And he presses his head and threatens him.

When the startled owner grabs a gun and fights hard, he strongly hits the woman with a gun.

When the husband of the startled owner runs out, he runs out of the store and runs away.

It happened in just 30 seconds.

The suspect threw the gas gun he used as a tool for the crime in front of the front door and fled.

The man who committed the robbery stopped by the pawn shop right before the crime to deposit gold and ask the owner if he could borrow money.

The owner said he had no money and sent it back, but a few minutes later he came back with a gun and started robbery.

[전당사 업주]

“I told you to open your mouth and kill me. (When I first visited) I said I didn’t have money. I think I went out and had feelings. I have to kill…”

The man, who changed clothes in his car and hid in the accommodation, was arrested two hours after the crime.

Police investigations revealed that the man claimed to have lost money at the Kangwon Land Casino but did not commit the crime because of it.

[경찰 관계자]

“He lost money, but he robbed, not to the extent that he was capable enough.”

Police plan to apply for an arrest warrant for the man on charges of robbery.

This is Lee Jun-ho from MBC News.

Video coverage: Kim Jong-yoon (Gangwon Yeong-dong)

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