[단독] “Reservist training is not recognized as attendance”… Scholarship cut even though I got first place

View from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies / Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

The fact that a teacher at the Foreign Language Education Center at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies disadvantaged a student who had attended reservist training by treating him as absent was the subject of controversy on the 8th. Although the Military Reserve Act states that students who have received training in the military reserve cannot be treated as absent during that period or treated unfavorably because of their training, there are still cases where students are disadvantaged due to reserve army training.

Kim Mo (29), a senior at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, found out on the 2nd that she had not received the first place scholarship even though she got first place with a final grade of 99 at the end of the semester in the after school English program. The class is a non-subject program in which 2 liberal arts credits can be recognized. Three students, including Mr. Kim, tied for first place, but Mr. Kim had two points deducted from the final grade, and both students eventually received the first place scholarship.

Kim objected, saying it was unfair to be disadvantaged for being absent due to attending reserve forces training, but the teacher in charge refused to correct her grades. The teacher told Mr. Kim, “For extracurricular programs that are not regular classes, the center’s regulations take precedence over the military reserve law. “It is not a disadvantage because it does not affect the person.”

Article 10, Paragraph 2 of the Reserve Military Act stipulates that students who have undergone reserve military training cannot be treated as absent during that period or treated unfavorably because of their training. This is to prevent disadvantages for training or mobilization of reserve forces. In response, the Military Reserve Act also has a penalty clause which states “a person who treats unfavorably without justifiable reason shall be sentenced to up to two years in prison or a fine of up to 20 million won.”

However, there are not a few cases where they are at a disadvantage after participating in reserve army training in college towns. Last year, Sogang University, Seoul National University, Sungkyunkwan University, etc. gave disadvantages to students in the reserve forces in terms of attendance and exams, and then the Ministry of National Defense sent an official letter to all universities, ‘requesting cooperation regarding with the reserve forces academic guarantee student’. The notice stated that it was illegal to excuse students from attending reserve forces training.

An official from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies said, “It was not a first-class scholarship, but a little scholarship was planned for the student in question.” I know it’s over.”


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