[단독] “These days, female students’ heads are empty” “Farm or women’s work”… Hansung University lecturer scandal

Continue to pour hateful comments against women

Acknowledgment of the coach and expression of resignation

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It has been revealed that a lecturer at Hansung University’s College of Engineering submitted a letter of resignation to the school after making derogatory comments to women during a lecture, such as “women these days have empty heads” and “women should farm or farm.”

On the 27th, according to ‘Bob Amser’, a community used by Hansung University students, it was posted on the 22nd post that a lecturer in the College of Engineering was pouring out misogynistic words during class.

According to the post, the instructor has spat problematic comments such as “Nowadays, female students seem to have empty heads, what are they going to do after receiving APL, are they going to to show it to their husbands when they get married, or are they trying to ruin someone’s life?”

The coach was also found to have made misogynistic comments. He is said to have said things like, “Women are baseless, and their academic performance is low because of female students” or “Girls, get into Computer Engineering and don’t take away young people’s seats and start strawberry farming.”

In addition, he interrupted the student who was introducing himself and said, “If you live like that, that’s the disaster of Itaewon.”

In the post, self-deprecating comments followed, saying, “Why didn’t I quit this course… Oh, this is the biggest regret of my life.”

After hearing this news, students from other universities reacted, saying, “That’s way over the line” and “This is a professor with no answers.”

Hansung University went through the fact-checking process, and the instructor acknowledged the facts and expressed his appreciation.

An official from Hansung University said, “We have decided to accept the coach’s resignation.”


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