[단독] Yang Jun-hyuk “I want to postpone the marriage with Park Hyun-sun, in March…”

[매일경제 스타투데이 진향희 기자]

‘Yangshin’ Yang Joon-hyuk (51) eventually postponed the wedding with Park Hyun-seon (32) to next year. Due to the re-proliferation of Corona 19, it was initially postponed from December 5 to the 26th, then promised again next spring.

On the 9th, during a phone call with Maeil Business Daily Star Today, Yang Joon-hyuk said, “I kept watching the situation, but I couldn’t do it on the 26th and I put it off until next year.” There are so many, it is not easy to find a wedding hall.

It has not been decided whether March will come or later. I want to do it in the first half. I think we should keep all the possibilities open, including outdoor weddings, and watch the trend.”

He also shared with a smile about the poor marriage process. Yang Joon-hyuk said, “I tried to get married once in half a hundred years… I didn’t know that marriage would be so difficult. There are many things to prepare and what is so complicated,” he laughed. He said he hadn’t made the proposal yet. When asked about the plan, he wittily replied, “If I say it in advance, it would be a proposal.”

The wedding is postponed, but the song is expected to be sung by Yeungnam University junior Lee Chan-won. Yang Jun-hyuk said, “I talked to (Lee) Chanwon again today, and I think I will do it even if it is postponed. I am so grateful for your consideration.”

In addition, he appeared on an entertainment program and said, “I’m planning on planning 2 boys and 1 daughter,” he said, “Is that what people want? That’s what they think.”

Yang Jun-hyuk said, “After marriage, I want to live in harmony with each other and have fun. I want to live happily and well as I go late,” he added.

Prior to the wedding postponed due to Corona 19, Joonhyuk Yang and Hyunseon Park will appear on KBS2’s’Housekeeping Season 2’starting in January of next year to reveal the marriage preparation process and the newlyweds.

Yang Jun-hyuk and prospective bride Park Hyun-seon met as a player and a fan, developed into a lover, and announced their marriage after a year of love.

The bride-to-be was a 19-year-old music teacher, started as a Samsung baseball fan 10 years ago, and has been between a close brother and a younger brother. In the past, he has also worked in music-related activities such as indie band activities, albums and vocals.

Yang Joon-hyuk revealed his prospective bride through JTBC’s’Combined to Chill’ and said, “I will live harder as it is late. Team play of fantasy now in a free spirit. And I’ll keep running sprinting.”

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