[단독]Domestic fighter KF-21 to make the first test flight in the second week of June on Memorial Day

1 month ahead of July
After engine operation test in February, runway high-speed driving test scheduled in March
Test pilots were selected from among 17 pilots from the Air Force 52 Test and Evaluation Squadron.

It was announced on the 24th that the first test flight of the Korean KF-21 Boramae fighter, the 4.5th generation advanced supersonic fighter under development in the world, was scheduled for the second week of June. The pilots who will board the KF-21 Boramae and lead the test flight will soon be selected from among the 17 test and evaluation pilots produced by the Air Force 52 Test and Evaluation Squadron until last year.

A military source said on the same day, “The initial flight of the KF-21 was originally scheduled for July, but the assembly process and preparations for the flight test were smooth, so we decided to secure the maximum amount of time for the test flight. I understand that the schedule was set for the second week of June, when Remembrance Day (June 6) falls.” The Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) side plans to start testing the engine operation from February, and if the engine, instrument panel and devices are working normally, the fighter jet will start running high-speed runway tests from spring. The test flight is scheduled for 2241 sorties over four years.

Regarding the pilot for the first test flight in June, an Air Force official also said, “I know that we plan to train 17 pilots and 10 technicians by organizing a training course for development test flight pilots in 2014 and send them to the KF-21 test flight.” .

Since the prototype of the KF-21 Boramae was shipped out in April of last year, 4 out of 6 prototypes (units 1 to 4 single-seat) have been assembled, and units 5 and 6 (two-seat) are being assembled. KF-21 Prototype Unit 1 has completed all the necessary equipment and combat painting as a fighter, and Unit 2 is currently equipped with engines. In particular, it is characteristic that the prototype pattern and color are all painted differently. The body of the fighter is dark gray and light gray, with slightly different speckles. As for the tail wing, Unit 1 has only gray and white text, which is the most basic, but Unit 3 is characterized by a red and white eagle head painted on a blue background. The tail wing of Unit 4 has a gold arrow drawing on a black background.

Chung-Shin Chung, Senior Correspondent



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