[단독]Lee Jun-seok opens the party ethics committee to take disciplinary action against Su-jin Jo and Yong-nam Kim

‘I only listen to the candidates’ Jo Su-jin and Kim Yong-nam on suspicion of party expenses
“CEO Jun-seok Lee, I will show you how to deal with the unfair attacks of people from the right side”
Concerns about the escalating conflict between the ‘Yun-Hak-Kwan’ and the ‘Hetero-Nuclear-Kwan’

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People’s Power Chairman Lee Jun-seok held a party ethics committee on the 30th, including Cho Su-jin, who made the remark that ‘I only listen to the candidates (not the representative)’, and Kim Yong-nam, who raised the so-called ‘Lee Hee-kwan (a key person in charge of Lee Jun-seok) party expenses’. It was decided to initiate disciplinary proceedings against former lawmakers and others.

According to an official from multiple people’s power on the 27th, the party’s ethics committee will hold a meeting at the National Assembly around 7 pm on the 30th to discuss whether or not to discipline the persons concerned. Chairman Lee and Lee Yang-hee, chairman of the party’s ethics committee, said that they agreed to hold an ethics committee as soon as possible. Rep. Jo Su-jin, former lawmaker Kim Yong-nam, and Seoul Party deputy spokesman Lee Kyung-min, who have recently caused clashes within the party, are expected to be considered for deliberation. An official from the Ethics Committee said, “We plan to consider disciplinary action against those who have caused political scandals, including divisions within the party.”

Rep. Cho, the highest member of the party, said to Lee at a closed meeting of the election committee on the 20th, ‘Why am I listening to the representative? I only listen to the candidates,’ but after a clash with CEO Lee, he publicly apologized and resigned from the position of public affairs chief of the election committee.

Former lawmaker Kim Yong-nam, who is in charge of the presidential election campaign, raised the issue of the use of party expenses for the so-called ‘Lee Hee-kwan (a key person on the side of Lee Jun-seok)’ when President Lee asked President Yoon Seok-yeol to organize the trajectory of ‘Yun Hee-kwan (a key person in charge of Yoon Seok-yeol)’. He raised suspicions that he “made a position that didn’t exist and paid him a salary.” In response, CEO Lee directly declared the complaint of former lawmaker Kim to the Ethics Committee. An official from People’s Power explained, “CEO Lee resigned from his position as the permanent election chairman in the election committee, but as party representative, he intends to set a good example for the unfair attacks of candidates from Yoon’s side.”

In the case of Seoul Party Deputy Spokesperson Lee Kyung-min, recently, when the ‘New Era Preparation Committee’, an organization within the election committee, hired Shin Ji-ye, the representative of the Korean Women’s Political Network, on Facebook, he wrote, “You can use it a few times and throw it away.”

Some members of the party are also concerned that if the Ethics Committee disciplinary action is taken, another conflict within the party may arise in a situation in which Chairman Kim Jong-in is discussing the issue of Lee’s return to the election as the center of the election. An official from the election committee said, “In a situation where conflicts within the party have to be resolved and start over before the new year, the disciplinary action of the ethics committee is highly likely to escalate into a second clash between Chairman Lee and Candidate Yoon.”

Reporter Dabin Yoon [email protected]


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