[단독]Park Ki-joo appointed as IBK new head coach Han Bom-go… Acting Kim Sa-ni to resign

[마이데일리 = 이석희 기자]The series of events that occurred due to the unauthorized departure of IBK Industrial Bank’s Jo Song-hwa, the resignation of coach Kim Sani, and the appointment of an acting supervisor, etc., are expected to be resolved soon.

A source familiar with women’s volleyball said that IBK IBK will appoint a new manager soon. It is said that it will be announced as soon as the president, who is currently staying abroad, returns to Korea.

The most sought-after candidate is Park Ki-joo, the director of Suwon Hanbom High School. In the past 20 years, he has won 33 championships.

Director Park had a relationship with Han Bom High in 2002. At first he was a coach, but in September of the following year he took over as coach. Hanbom High School is the new name of Hanil Computerized Girls’ High School. It was changed to Suwon Computer Girls’ High School in 2012 and Hanbom High School in 2019 according to the coeducational system. Hanil Computer Girls’ High School is famous as the school where Kim Yeon-kyung came from. Hwang Yeon-ju of Hyundai E&C is also from this school. Kim Yeon-kyung is a year junior.

Currently, Park is also the Director of Women’s Performance Improvement of the Korea Volleyball Association. He also served as the head coach of the women’s youth team.

He added that if a new manager is appointed, acting coach Kim Sani will not be a coach, but will make a way out, so he will resign himself. In May of last year, Kim Sa-ni, who signed a two-year coach contract with IBK, was told that the remaining salary would be paid in full.

The remaining salary payment with former manager Seo Nam-won is also expected to be resolved. Regarding the issue of paying the remaining salary of former coach Seo, who was sacked in an inauguration interview on the 27th, the general manager, who was emotional, said, “I am in a situation where I inevitably have to fire the manager and the manager because of poor grades or this incident.” I will meet the director and talk to him so that we can finish it beautifully.”

Afterwards, Director Seo and Director Gam met for the first time on the 29th, but there was no talk about payment. However, director Gam and former manager Seo Nam-won decided to meet again in December to discuss the remaining salaries. Director Seo signed a two-year contract.

As the new manager of IBK IBK was appointed, the women’s volleyball team coaches passed the handshake of acting coach Sani Kim naturally.

In addition, the IBK IBK crisis, which started with Song-hwa Jo’s team escaping without permission, is expected to return to a calming phase. It feels like the entire volleyball board has been removed.


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